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Legend about the Ural mountains

During far times stone people lived in these places. All at them was stone both hands, and legs, both a head, and a body. And nobody could be compared to stone people force, and they did not know failures on hunting and defeats in fight. But also heart at these people was stone that is why it did not know love.

Corrected this people seven brothers of giants who lived in the crystal deputy. Once, there has arrived to this country the stranger with unusual to an ear of stone people name Mun-Pupo-Nyor. He has stopped in the lock of brothers of giants and in the evening, behind a meal arranged in his honor, the sister of brothers a beauty Aelita has left to visitors. The stranger has fallen in love with a beauty and his love that he has kindled stone heart of the girl was so strong, and she of first of people of a tribe has found out, that such love. At night Aelita has removed the visitor from the lock of brothers and sowing on the fastest horses that were in the lock, they ran from the country of stone people.

In the morning brothers have rushed in I shall drive, but, not knowing where fugitives skip, could not catch up them. And then they have enjoined people of a tribe to rise on tops of all mountains and to specify to them a way on which fugitives follow. This pursuit long last. Brothers, changing horses, eventually have overtaken fugitives at top of one of mountains, is far in the north. Sees Mun-Pupo-Nyor what to be rescued by flight any more it will not be possible and he has entered fight with brothers but that he could make, the simple person, against stone giants. And here struck one of brothers falls beloved Aelita, and she damns brothers and all stone people, and asks gods to revenge for loved. Gods also take away from callous stone people of their soul.

Since then at tops of Ural rocks - bodies of stone people cost. On mountain which and refers to Mun-Pupo-Nyor, seven giants of brothers have stiffened. In the lock the lightning and rock crystal has struck has scattered across all Ural. And on the world Aelita and there skips inconsolable in the to mountain where she skips to people comes love.

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