Legend of lake Turgojak

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Legend of lake Turgojak

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Legend about the native land of gnomes

Ancient Greek geographer Gerodot in V a century B.C. named people living in these grounds, Grumanty... " All men at them miners, very low, but strong. Have the third eye on a stomach "... Probably so to him slaves - Scythians described the oil fixture which used Grumanty in an operating time under the ground and which ran after on a long chain to itself.

When in the beginning of our era through these grounds passed hordes Guns, they in the first fight have crushed army Grumanty. The escaped soldiers have addressed to gods and have asked, what by him now to make? Gods have told, that they shouldPlace of fight of gnomes with guns go to a way and search for the most beautiful place on the Earth, only there they can win barbarians.

Long, pursued by the enemy, wandered Grumanty. But once they have left on coast of fantastically fine lake, and their leader, having seen him, has exclaimed: "Turgojak", that meant Stop a leg . Here on coast of lake Grumanty have broken group Guns pursuing them, and hordes of barbarians have left from their ground, having continued the way is farther on the West.

Guns, through two hundred years have brought to the German tribes living on borders of Roman empire a name of this people. And sounding, for one thousand years before, in language of ancient Greeks as Grumanty, it began to sound in language of ancient germen as Gnomes.

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