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■   Mountain Altai

■   Lake Baikal

Southern Urals Mountains of a plateau of mountain the Taganay
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The club organizes mountain, pedestrian, ski travel to mountain areas of all continents, except for Antarctica.

Begin the participant of the majority of these campaigns members of club which we count everyone who has expressed such desire can only, and already went with club to one of campaigns for all comers, or is recommended the member of club going together with club in three campaigns.

Part from travel organized by club participation of members of group in joint trainings demand, and virtual character of membership in club in this case seems not absolutely comprehensible. But special gathering of group, for joint trainings, and the Internet between gathering, here again allow to remain a member of club, not living in Nizhniy Novgorod.

For those who else gathers in the first travel, or wants to descend in mountains together with our club, we offer routes for all comers.

By already developed tradition, the first campaign together with club, for all beginners, is organized to Southern Ural. It is very close, cheap, and does not demand from club of too heroic efforts to the organization of a campaign.

Sayan mountains Aradan
Legend about the native land of gnomes
The first campaign of all beginners always across Ural
The Nizhniy Novgorod students on a ridge Taganay
Our small campaigns in the day off Altai Northern Tien Shan 2005 Baikal
Sayan mountains Northern Tien Shan 2006 Training before a campaign in mountains on skis
Trekking in the South Caucasus
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